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About Us

Who we Are

Ematie Properties is a privately owned and growing real estate company. We are expanding across Canada. This growth has been considered by our customers and  employees. We have built our organization in a highly collaborative and open structure. We create great solutions to succeed in the long run. And because of the value we offer, our culture and our approach, join us every day. We continue to grow and evolve, striving to meet our needs and those of the industry.  We keep  true to our values, culture and vision.

We are flexible. The people who run our business and work with the customers make the decisions. We started as a small company, but we managed to succeed in our model, we expanded our services and our footprint to meet the growing needs of our industry



Our Specialties

Residential: Whether it is an acquisition, disposition, leasing or  managing  real estate assets,  specialized expertise is required to make intelligent decisions.


Retail: Today’s retail market is demanding and complex. We  need to understand and respond to evolving consumer and market trends, constantly identifying opportunities and making decisions quickly and confidently.

Our Specialties

Office: Whether the need is to find and secure the best location to attract the best talent or  to achieve new levels of efficiency by integrating the latest energy and technology trends into  properties or portfolios, our professionals are ready to offer extensive expertise in the office market for organizations of all sizes.



Industrial: Industrial real estate assets have an impact on corporate performance more than any other asset class. Thus, it’s imperative to secure the right facilities and optimize their financial and operational performance.


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