About Us


Ematie Properties is a privately owned and growing real estate company. We are expanding across Canada. This growth has been considered by our customers and employees. We have built our organization in a highly collaborative and open structure. We create great solutions to succeed in the long run. And because of the value we offer, our culture and our approach, talents join us every day. We continue to grow and evolve, striving to meet our needs and those of the industry. We keep true to our values, culture and vision.

  • We get the work done. We say what we are going to do, and then we do it. We focus on what we do best, and when needed, we combine our expertise with outside resources to serve our customers’ best interests and offer excellent solutions.

  • We emphasize on quality. We recognize that meeting our clients’ requirements is just not enough. We strive to meet those requirements while at the same time achieving a high standard of quality.

  • We collaborate. We bring the right resources, expertise and talent to the table to best serve each client, every day.

  • We communicate. We understand that the biggest pillar for any transaction (acquisition, disposition, leasing, consulting, advisory) is a constant open communication.

Regions We Serve


  • Acquisition and disposition of residential properties;
  • Acquisition and disposition of commercial properties;
  • Leasing of properties;
  • Property management;
  • Consulting and advisory;

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